iPhone is here

The Buzz is Over, Steve Job’s New Killer Gadget was revealed today.

صدقت تنبؤات الكثير عن أن الجادجت الجديد من أبل لن يكون سوى
iPhone = iPod + Mobile Phone ميزة المتصفح أنه يظهر صفحات الويب بصورة كاملة for those who are interested the phone will be available in the U.S market
exclusively through Cingular Wireless starting from June 2007 until 2009
when the Apple-Cingular agreement will end.

So, AppleAhOlicS are switching to Cingular , Verizon users are sticking
to their Treo’s, as for T-Mobile customers, just stay where you can
find the signal 😉

Is it really going to be a “Killer” gadget? some think:
an Apple ph0ne is no Slam Dunk

هذا المنشور نشر في tech. حفظ الرابط الثابت.

6 Responses to iPhone is here

  1. JARKOM كتب:

    i wonder when will it become avilable in saudia 🙂

  2. Entropy كتب:

    welcom Jarkom

    Zaman …. 🙂
    That’s a good question…unfortunately I don’t know the answer to it. You made me imagine what if STC or MOBILY signed such an agreement with Apple to sell exclusive rights to the iPhone …I can only imagine the price tag they would put on it…and I would only imagine how disapointed they will be too…NOKIA is the King there.
    Thank God wireless providers in Saudia do not have this idea of selling the Service+Phone.

  3. Hitman1 كتب:

    The iPhone specs are way too nice. Even a die hard Treo lover like me is intrigued.

  4. NonnAA كتب:

    لازم أنقل عندكم قريييييييب
    بس مافي منه ألوان؟؟

  5. Entropy كتب:

    I agree, I always find Apple products extra cool, but as I recently said somewhere, I feel there is a mental barrier between me and them 🙂

    A Professor once told me: MACs are like Red heads, very few people love them, but those who do are CRAZY about them. From watching Apple lovers, I couldn’t agree more 🙂

  6. Entropy كتب:


    انتي تعالي بس ونحنا مستعدّين نعمل لك
    Special Order in whatever color you like

    welcome dear 🙂

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