Laughter Yoga

An Indian Doctor named Madan Kataria was doing research for an article called “laugh medicine” which describes the health benefits of laughing. So excited about his research he went one night to sleep thinking about his own life style and he was thinking, I myself don’t laugh enough … I don’t have a sense of humor, how can I get these benefits myslef?! …he wake up in the middle of the night with an idea or a solution to his case: “Why don’t I start a laugh club?”

He started this club with 5 people in a Mumbai park in 1995, where the club members gather at a certain time of day standing in the fresh air laughing their hearts out, hopping on one leg, making funny faces, doing all sorts of silly moves that a 3 year old kid would do!! No jokes were told, not even a silly comment just laughs and more laughs. The only thing that makes one laugh is the scene of this group laughing and acting this way. He later on developed a techniques based on Yoga and this laugh therapy which he later called “Laughter Yoga“. The idea became sucessful, it spread out to more than 5000 laughter clubs in 50 countries around the world, and there are now certifications that allows you to be a Laughter Yoga teacher.

This technique is backed up by clinical research, laughter was found to have the following health benefits to the body: decreasing of stress hormoens, improving immune system, boosting endorphines. A year long study on a group of heart attak sufferers where the same medications were subscribed to all of them but half of them were asked to watch a comdey show for 30 minutes a day. The greoup that had laugh therapy had to take less medications, and only 8% of them had a second heart attack compared to 42% of the other group!

I would like to find a nearby park where such clubs gather to go and watch while I am laying on my back. I noticed from a long time ago that you can laugh alot harder at things if you hear/watch them while you are lying on your back … hey…maybe I should start my own therapy movement and call it “back laughing”

عموماً…الإخوة العربان الأشقاء تخيّلوا معي لو أن نوادي للضحك من هذا النوع انتشرت في بلداننا ما سيكون رد فعل الناس عليها؟؟ أتوقّع أن يبدأ الناس في استصدار فتاوى عن مدى شرعيّتها أو حرمانيّتها … وسيكتب عنها الناس في المنتديات ما بين مستنكر و مستحرم و مستهبل وسيفتي البعض بأنها مؤامرة تستهدف الشباب العربي قبل كل شيء لإلهائه عن هموم أمّته و قضايا ه المصيرية وأن في النهاية
الضحك من دون سبب قلّة أدب

Happiness is not a place you can live at,
but you can visit as often or as little as you want



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5 Responses to Laughter Yoga

  1. بحرينية كتب:

    عند البعض الضحك صار عملة نادرة خصوصا مع زيادة حالات الاكتئاب في العالم لتصل الى الاطفال
    مما يقودنا الى اهمية تلك النوادي
    و بخصوص العرب
    انتروبي ترا هذا حالهم و هاذي ردة فعلهم كل ما ينزل شي يديد و ينتشر 🙂
    تدوينة شغل عدل

    “Happiness is not a place you can live at,
    but you can visit as often or as little as you want”
    >>> مقولة في منتهى الروعة

  2. Entropy كتب:

    صحيح نحن أحوج الناس لنوادي من هذا النوع، يعني من ناحية وناسة و من ناحية للتخفيف من حدة الاكتئاب اللي صايب الناس في المنطقة
    مشكورة على التعليق

  3. Louls كتب:

    i love the idea, “Laughter Yoga” am sure they need one back in Saudi, it actually gonna be fun to hear all stories and comments about it ..
    well the first 7aykoon lel Rejaal Faqat .. based on 9awt al mar2a 3awra . looooool

    Entropy thats a nice post.

  4. Entropy كتب:


    I loved it too, I was really convinced that it might work when I saw people in one of these clubs on TV laughing their hearts out… I found myslef starting to laugh… I thought yeah this should work @@

    I totally agree about lel rejaal faqa6…You made me laugh walla 🙂

    thanks dear

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