Almost all my childhood afternoons, and most early mornings ended with the scene shown on your left. The ending sign of the Tom & Jerry show showing the HANNA-BARBERA Production title. I guess I was lucky to be from one of the generations which enjoyed this lovely show, and the amazing Flinstones, Scooby-Doo. I hated Scooby-Doo , but it used to air immediately after Tom & Jerry and everytimne it starts I tell myselfe ok I’ll just see what’s this episode about, and then I just watch till the end.

This week, Joseph Barbera one of the creators
of these shows – and many others- died at age 95,
5 years after William Hanna died in 2001.
The Hanna-Barbera team
brought smiles, amusment and pure joy to millions and millions of kids and adults alike around the world…Their creations will be around for longer than they did, and they will be missed.

Left: William Hanna Right Joseph Barbera

هذا المنشور نشر في general. حفظ الرابط الثابت.

7 Responses to HANNA-BARBERA

  1. Hussain كتب:

    Sweet memories!

    One of the best shows next to Bugs Bunny.

    Joseph Barbera

  2. بحرينية كتب:

    و بذلك انطوت صفحة من صفحات تاريخ الكرتون
    لقد رسموا ابتسامة جميلة على وجوهنا عندما كنا اطفالا و هاهي ذا
    لازالت ترتسم على محيا صغارنا عندما يعاد عرضها
    للرسوم المتحركة سحر غريب يطال الكبير قبل الصغير
    يا محاسن الصدف انا بعد ما احب اطالع سكوبي دو
    لك جزيل الشكر اختي انتروبي
    على هذا البوست القيم
    بانتظار الجديد 🙂

  3. Hitman1 كتب:

    Ton & Jerry are not just for our generation, they are still holding stronger than ever in current kids generations.

    I think tom & jerry is there for the ages.

  4. Entropy كتب:

    I will tell you a secret, bugs bunny is my all time favourate celebrity, tied in that position with George Clooney … I know bugs will still be at that spot for the next 20 years, am not sure about Clooney though!

    They passed away yes, but their work will stay for a long time to come I assure you. You know, everytime I hear somebody describing something as “Stone Age” I think “The Flinstones” and go: that is not bad at all 🙂

  5. Entropy كتب:

    Yes they held on to more than just our generation. I personally appreciate them more now after I’ve seen the cartoons that keep coming out these days. Eventhough Tom& Jerry, Loony Tunes, and the like were hallmarks of this era, we also enjoyed many many others….I remember Adnan & Leena, Sally, and lots more, man we were lucky!! I feel sorry for our kids the cartoons seem to be depriving them of their childhood innocense.

  6. Smartee كتب:

    Well..to be honest with u..i wasn’t a big fan of Tom & Jerry when i was a kid..bcuz they used to schdule it before the main show!! (Gorgi,,Luci,,etc)!..o ba3dain kent a7es enna ghabi..but u know when I started to love it?..lama kebart..loooool..anyway..my favourite cartoon funny chartc. are woody woodpecker specially his “hehehehe hewww” & Pink Panther :)..and never flinstones neither scooby doo!

  7. Entropy كتب:

    welcome smartee
    well, as long as you enjoyed it finally 🙂 Woody woodpecker was a big hit, and Pink Panther as well…. you brought lots of memories girl 🙂

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