News Release

The New Middle East Persian Version 2.0

Reuters: Version 2.0 of the “New Middle East” software has been released. After the beta version was thoroughly tested, and received great applaud from volunteer beta users. The developer IranSoft has confirmed that the software is ready to be launched after so much delays due to the Iran-Iraq war in the 80’s and due to some internal organizational re-structuring problems in the developing company IranSoft – which stock values has been gaining tremendous value in the MidEast Stock Exchange since the Shock & Awe war in 2003 began -.

IranSoft declared that the software will be THEE mainstream software used throughout the Middle East users, as that is the intended user community that was in Mind when they developed this version of the SW. It promised that its use will bring its users the great benefits that it brought to it its developing company IranSoft and will help bring Prospeirity & Globalization benefits to the region of users as they unite under IranSoft’s revelutionary broader vision.

The new version of the software is licensed under the FSCS license -Free Software Closed Source- and IranSoft usually requires that its IT personnel implement the setting-up, production, and roll-out phases on behalf of their clients. IranSoft for example has releases 40,000 of its own IT personnel to implement the SW in previously competitor IraqBigMess company between 2003-2006. For those who choose to roll out the SW themselves, such as VictoryAllah, or more recently HaNaaS, IranSoft offers lifetime Support and big incentives such as free oil and/or generous monetary rewards.

This Software is known to cause some major instabilities when run on all major computing Platforms, but that should be expected said the company’s spokes person in a recent press conference: that is an intended feature and not some programming bug, as this would prepare the systems for the next release of the software which is promised to be a BIG HIT in the SW market.

Most of the surrounding competitors have started to feel the consequences of such Software gaining momentum. Some of them started to take dramatic precautionary measures like physically sealing their companies headquarters to prevent smugglers from getting copies of the SW inside their companies, and fiercely enforcing Piracy regulations to prevent any local enthusiast from being inspired by the success in neighbouring companies.

When reporters asked: why would IranSoft be so commited for this SW’s success when it is giving it for free and what is it that IranSoft is expecting in return for its efforts? Mr. Amjad Boldly Mad President & CEO of IranSoft replied that first; He honestly believes in his company’s genius and superiority over the surrounding Software companies in the region, which are owned by stupidly rich, MicroBloft allies, airhead Arabs. Second; Mr. Mad added, I am really fed up with the Imperialistic, capitalistic, evangelistic –not that religion has anything to do with it but it always help to throw it in as motivation- approach of the world’s leading SW company MicroBloft although I would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their continuous and generous support in preparing the market for our product. And Third; for some other reasons I do not intend to declare now.

The success of the new SW has caused deep concerns among the regional companies who have been loyal users of MicroBloft software, and been blaming its wreckless & offensive strategies for the recent popularity of the New Middle East software. CEO’s of these companies are now openly and boldly bashing Microbloft’s President with comments such as: Haven’t You Ever Heard Of :

If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It?????!!!


The above post is classified under “fiction” if you think you know one, any, or all of the players or events, BLAME YOUR OWN IMAGINATION.


هذا المنشور نشر في Fiction. حفظ الرابط الثابت.

4 Responses to News Release

  1. Anonymous كتب:

    the problem is that we, the people of middle east Arab countries, didn’t ask for any type of software. all companies are trying to install their SW on our platforms. and as we know different types of software solutions might not be compatible with each other, which creates a lot of problems. unfortunately, thats what is going on their right now . I believe that we should develop our own SW solutions.

  2. Entropy كتب:


    Thanks for your comment I’m glad some one is on the same frequency with me here 😉
    I agree with you 100%, corrupt platforms naturally scream:
    FORMAT + Fresh Install. IF we don’t keep our systems clean and up-to-date, some one else will want to do it for us!!

    If only Geeks are given the chance to rule the world…….I take that back….it might never be stable long enough for people to actually use the system 🙂

    we are better off away from dirty politics

    Again thanks for your comment.

  3. Hitman1 كتب:

    Creative way to describe the current events. It is apparent that you’re against Iran’s politics and I disagree with some of that.

    Even though Iran might not be on the same line as we Arabs are, you gotta give it to them for standing firm for their believes and standing firm in front of the west powers.

    Look how all of our Arab nations are reacting to the west and compare that to Iran’s.

  4. Entropy كتب:


    Iran’s strategies towards its neighbours and its apparent influence on many of the instabilities taking place is what we don’t like.

    specially after the efforts that these neighbours were making before the recent Iraq war to try and mend the historically sore relations between them & Iran. Yet it seems that the Iranians will never give up the “Big Brother” strategy.

    Iran is an asset to the Arab & Islamic countries. Had it not been embracing this offensive strategy towards them, the Arabs would have been its best allies.

    Standing firm for their beleifes is their own business, what we care about is how they stand towards us.

    Thanks for your comment

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