May I GRAB your Attention Please

How can a printed AD shock you, and bring the issues you here or maybe never hear about in the news right to the center of your attenttion, right in your day to day life??
See the following AMNESTY International ads, to see for yourself how this was done. Amazing, must see print. click on the pictures for larger image.

Left: Fameous Gantanamo bay photo showing prisoners while being transported to the infameous bay on a telephone booth.

Right: Remember that photo ->
that appeared in the press of an Iraqi man comforting his little boy? here it is on the wall of a bus station shade.


هذا المنشور نشر في cool ads. حفظ الرابط الثابت.

7 Responses to May I GRAB your Attention Please

  1. HUS كتب:

    ًWow, what a clever idea!, really awesome.

    I’d bet whoever made this is damn Genius!

  2. بحرينية كتب:

    صراحة اقل ما يقال عن القائمين
    بهذا الموضوع انهم مبدعين
    اكثر شي لفت نظري الشعار اللي مكتوب فوق الصور و اللي يقول
    (its not happening here . but it is happening now )
    الف شكر لك على مشاركتنا هذه الخبرية
    بانتظار الجديد

  3. Entropy كتب:

    hus welcome brother 🙂
    Yes thats the Second thing that hit me when I first saw it, right after: “S%$*t Why didn’t I come up with this first?!!”
    Just kidding …7ayyak Allah again -Shall I say Mr. Mac or not yet?-

    Ba7raineyyaaah hala wallah again

    Ohh yeah plain genius. And that sentence you mentioned:
    (its not happening here . but it is happening now )
    in my opinion is just as as striking as the picture itself
    hits on the reader’s “responsibility” string.

  4. Entropy كتب:

    By the way I just remembered something I once read about genius ideas which said: The hallmark of a genius idea, is that it is so simple in a way that makes you say: WHY didn’t I think of this first?

  5. esraa.$ كتب:

    (its not happening here . but it is happening now )

    كلمات معبره تصف الحال بما قل ودل

  6. Entropy كتب:

    Nawwarteena my dear 🙂
    Yes indeed very to the point words.

  7. Anonymous كتب:

    hello there nice blog

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