What’s with the H?

In the world of Science,
V is the volume,
Z is the partition function,
P and Q are the position and momentum of a particle.
R is the gas constant,
and T is temperature.
W is the number of states,
and we have to keep X and Y in case
we need more variables…
Going back to the first half of the alphabet:
A, F, and G are for free energies,
B is a magnetic field.
I is the symbol for information;
J and L are angular momenta.
K is Kelvin, which is the proper unit of T.
M is magnetization,
and N is total number of elements,
O is too easily confused with 0….
This leaves S, and H.
S is for Sets..
Thus, H is for Entropy !!

by Rieke, et al. from the book “spikes” with little variation

هذا المنشور نشر في nice to know. حفظ الرابط الثابت.

4 Responses to What’s with the H?

  1. Hitman1 كتب:

    Actually Entropy is represented by S

    H is for Enthalpy.

  2. Entropy كتب:

    You are right, but thats “S” is the thermodynamics entropy.
    The Entropy I am talking about is Information Theoretic Entropy; a.k.a Shannon’s entropy; A quantative value that measures the amount of information in a signal regardless of its symantics. It does so by measuring existing “Randomness”. Its formulation had huge impact on diffirent feilds: coding theory -optimal codes-, data compression, cryptography.
    Shannon was concerned with the problem of communicating messages over noisy channels, when he found the need to formulate this value which he later called Entropy: “the average bits needed to represent a symbol” and thats how the unit bit per second “bps” was born:-)

    Sorry for the lecture and the confusion 🙂 I should’ve mentioned which entropy I meant.

  3. Hitman1 كتب:

    You gotta excuse me… I’m after all a Chemical Engineer. Entropy to us is all about thermodynamics,

  4. Entropy كتب:

    Yeah, I understand where you’re coming from … nevertheless you gave me a chance to lecture, and to see the shark on my blog, I’ll consider that as a “good luck”

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