Attention: Shortage in the IT department

You may have heard that Mr. Bill Gates has been hopping around the globe lately. During his visit to Russia last weewk, Mr. Gates gave a 30 minutes speech at the Microsoft Business Forum in Moscow, where he emphasized the fact that there is a shortage in IT professionals.

Worldwide, a lot of the developed countries are not graduating as many IT students as they were in the past, which is kind of ironic.

What is really ironic from my point of view is that alot of these students who are graduating from schools in the developed countries are not originally from these developed countries!! I examined this first hand on day to day basis, I am pursuing a graduate degree in a university in the U.S, and throuhgt my years in the school of engineering, the majority of my classmates are not U.S citizens, very few are from Western European countris, and the rest are from India, Korea, China, Latin America, and the Midddle East. the same is also true for professors, so I guess teh problem is not in an early stage.
On a related issue, I recall an article I once read in a magazine three years ago – it was either Newsweek or Time – the article was talking about how in the last 15 or more years – can’t remember exactly- 75% of all Science Nobel Prize winners were Americans, or doing their research in American universities, two thirds of these Americans were originally not U.S citizens!!

Even Europeans are righfully scared by this facty, they sometimes blame it on the sheer larger pool of American scientists to choose from; However I beleive its also due to creative university environment and the the size of the scientific establishment that -in my opinion- is what is fueling the economy ofcourse when you mix in a bit of oil which also comes from the under-developed countries 🙂
Speaking of oil, when Gates was in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia recently, he mentioned the importance of education for growing economies, and how Microsoft can be a business partner in this regard, no mentioning of the need for IT professionals or anything. Needless to say he managed to sign a number of pretty penny contracts with major ministries & government agencies!

It all comes down to business ….. but what the heck … Managing businesses is what Americans do best, no wonder when I pass by the school of business on my way to the Metro at Foggy Bottom I feel like I am in the States again!

The Big question remains now: Why in your opinion eventhough we in the so called under-developed countries manage to have our girls & boys get the fanciest degrees in the developed countries universities, and then can never create the right environment to put these minds to work later on ? because we suck in manegement? or because we don’t care since we can buy the technologies later on? or what the hell is going on!

هذا المنشور نشر في education. حفظ الرابط الثابت.

One Response to Attention: Shortage in the IT department

  1. Faten كتب:

    I’ve been lurking around your blog for a while now.. liked this post alot

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