"Pursuit of Happyness"

Since I love movies based on true stories, and I like Will Smith as an actor, and I enjoy watching/hearing/readin about success stories, I can’t wait to watch the new Sony Pictures movie that is going to be out in theatres this December.

The movie is based on the life of a self made millionair named Chris Gardner, who started life as a single father in San Francisco, who finds himself having to make the decision to either pay his rent or pay for child daycare so he can go to work, so he ends up homeless with his infant son, living in cheap hotel rooms sometimes and some other times in the San Frnacisco train station. The movie goes on portraying his life and how he made it in life starting as a trainee at a stock brokerage firm, and climbing the ladder to the top eventually becoming partner and owner of the chicago based firm.The real Chris Gardner is now busy making interviews with business magazines, appearing on TV shows, and I read somewhere that he might even has his own TV talk show, kinda like The Oprah Show 🙂

See the real Chris Gardner here.

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