Why I started blogging?

Okay, I will tell you why I started this blog. Ever since the days of webpages when folks who didn’t really matter – like me- hopped on the wagon of web presence and started to dig- in the Learn HTML in 7 days and Master FrontPage in 21 days and the likes, and this idea of having a web presence is on my mind – well not constantly I did have a life 😉 -. I One thing was stoppin me and that was: what if I built a webpage and it sucked?! what if it turned out to be Not Perfect? what if
people I knew saw it, and they didn’t like my taste in web design?!!!!! However that did not stop me from learning HTML, makes numerous pages with FrontPage, trying FLASH, – and when blogger first came out I proudly got my own blog and tried all different templates and silly posts but made sure that I delete them right AWAY. I even bought a domain name just in case I some day build that magical illusive website!

A decade goes by and blogging becomes the hype just like cell phones in the late 90’s, and this idea is still somewhere in my “un-concsious” -okay I made this last term up but you got the idea, who will read this blog anyway 😉
Couple of weeks ago I ame across this news report on CNN. The report says that according to an Internet monitoring company called NetCraft which trackes Web growth since 1995, a mammoth milestone was reached during the month of October 2006. there are now 100,000,000 internet sites that have content! While reading the news article 2 things poped immediately in my head:
1) I remembered that extremely funny TV commercial made by a broadband internet provider in the U.S where a guy sitting on his desk browsing the internet hopping from site to site, and suddenly he reached a screen that says: “CONGRATULATIONS! You have Reached The End of The Internet!” hint: he’s got a pretty fast connection. That was in the early 2000 and it was hilarious.
2) Second and more important thing that hit me in the head was this: if there are now 100,000,000 sites out there, what are the chances of a silly site being noticed? 😀
And the Rest my friends is history!!

هذا المنشور نشر في general. حفظ الرابط الثابت.

2 Responses to Why I started blogging?

  1. Eeeeekkk كتب:

    The odds are shockingly good. Take into consideration that roughly 99,000,000 of those pages are porn, and then you’re down to a one in a million chance…among people who have just climaxed. Not too shabby. Really, there’s only so much porn a man can take.

    Really though, the internet is the ultimate free-market system. It’s darwinism at its finest…with more amputee videos. What I mean is that if your content is good, you’ll get traffic, eventually.

    Best of luck. I’ll be sure to check in on you from time to time.

  2. Entropy كتب:

    eeeeekkk you phreaked me off!!
    welcome first visitor…. fun blog you’ve got there, I liked it.

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